Youth Leadership Programme

Students will develop Confidence, Communication & Creative Skills. Children of all ages can take leadership roles. Parents want their teens to be confident and happy with themselves, responsible with their health, have good social skills and develop strong relationships, be successful and enthusiastic with their schooling and careers and be competent with money. They will engage in workshops and small group sessions and participate in school life and have the opportunity to apply their leadership skills.

Students will explore their creativity and individuality as a leadership tool through various activities. They will be asked to complete assignments with time pressures to develop their decision making skills. They will be required to brainstorm, plan in a team environment and develop flexibility to adjust to the needs of the team. They will collaborate, build rapport and pubic speaking skills. So that they become assertive, confident and resilient students.

The Ballyneety Language School Programme leads to improved Leadership Skills. These skills include

  • Communication Skills.
  • Social Awareness Skills.
  • Emotional Management Skills.
  • Self-Awareness Skills.
  • Decision-Making Skills.
  • Time management skills.
  • Empowering Skills.
  • Positive mindset.
  • The importance of Role Models.
  • Empowering beliefs.
  • Courage and creativity.
  • Social activism and making a difference.
  • The importance of support structures.
  • Public speaking skills.

We offer english language programmes to international students in a student-friendly safe environment. We have been in existence since the early 1980’s and have vast experience in dealing with international students from a variety of countries.