Host Families

Who are our Host Families?

We carefully select and interview personally all our Host families. Some of our Host Families are traditional families (mother-father-children). But they are also single-parent families, young couples, retired couples and people who live alone (mostly women). Our Host Family profiles are very diverse: teachers who offer hospitality and language tuition to students in their own home environment; mothers at home willing to accommodate other children; single people happy to share their favourite hobby with a guest; older students ready to welcome foreign young visitors during their holiday time, retired couples pleased to share their daily life and the knowledge they have of their area; and so on…

For full immersion homestay students we match the child with a family who have children the same age.  Our essential requirement when we select our Host Families is that there should be one competent adult in the household, motivated and available to take care of a young guest during the immersion stay and to make them feel safe and happy within the family.

Our students are children and teenagers from other countries who want to practise the language you speak and find out more about your culture. They may speak our language well already, or they may barely know a few words; whatever their level of language, they are all seeking a warm family environment and to find out more about your culture and language.

 What is the role of a Host Family?

Communication, attention and integration are the key ingredients of a successful language immersion home stay. Host Families are expected to welcome their young guest like a member of their own family, talk to them frequently and help them communicate in the target language. The Host Family make sure they always speak in the target language when they are with the child they are hosting and are attentive to the child’s possible communication difficulties. They make sure the language study holiday is a success, helping the child who is staying in their home to adapt to a new lifestyle and doing their most to make the child’s stay enjoyable and beneficial.

On a basic level, the Host Family provides food and accommodation as well as sharing their everyday activities with their guest (meals, family life, family outings etc)